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4065号 Li Li(丽丽)1
4065号 Li Li(丽丽)

Name 姓名 : 4065号 Li Li(丽丽)

Age 年龄 : 26 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36D

Weight 体重 : 45

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Central Area 中部地区




Please quote seen from TT! 请说TT看见的!




2021-05-13 00:37HHH Says:
2021-05-14 09:59King of Abalone Says:
Her abalone is indeed small size , big dick brothers do skip her her size may not match your big dong... undersize and may suffer penile abrasions after.
2021-05-02 13:17新客 Says:
2021-05-01 08:07黑白配 Says:
2021-04-24 18:12King of Abalone Says:
Noted that she does not receive much compliments from guys. Given with my sense of accomplishment.
Here is my fr for Li Li.

- Relatively new to this trade,she started not long ago.
- She looks just like what other sai, same as picture with a charming smiley face.
- She is rather petite type 1.5x m over with alluring body and smooth skin
- as mentioned her boobs indeed enhanced but ok with suckable nipples, she make no complaints for you to suck with contents.
- her unique service I shall give more points to her professional massage which she works as masseur back in China. Feels great
- her bbbj is so so only but she puts in effort to tongue head and hardworking where she blew n blew for certain time.
- paint her pussy with delight as I peel apart the delicacy abalone. Note she had the smallest pussy ever had.
- Fj is great as I notice her tight and small pussy, I entered her with caution as it is not easy. Once in, I gives off an Aaaaaahhhhh inner pleasure sound in mind of course. She gives off moan which I tried to accomodate with her adjusting to me. The sensational feel is absolutely marvellous.
- GFE level is more talkative type.
- she had a nice ass for doggie style lovers. Watching her ass vibrate as she moaned and sound piak piak as I doing the motion.
- lastly the window scenery is great, the background inside her picture Is where she take photo in her own hotel room.
- next time I come back stand doggie her facing the window scenery.

2021-05-07 09:26vv Says:
Kin of Abalone bro, recently only go for my regular fl not online.
2021-05-04 12:47King of Abalone Says:
Vv bro, any good lobang recommend ?

2021-05-03 16:55King of Abalone Says:
Hello Vv, did not see your records recently very silent.
2021-04-30 10:52vv Says:
King of Abalone Bro,

Very active recently, good job and thanks for sharing.

2021-04-21 07:40CK Says:
FR on LiLi

Looks: Pretty and she looks exactly the same as pic posted.
Body: Petite with meat at the right place.
Boobs: Yummy D (Enhanced but well done job)
Boobs massage: quite sensual and she did it thoroughly.
Bbbj: Good suction with ball licking, can deep throat a bit too.
Painting: nice shape with no smell, paint till she come.
FJ: Accommodating n bonk till both perspiring, must say she has a nice ass for doggie.
GFE: very high and she will go all out to please you, she even offer to massage me after the session but too bad I have to decline as need to go back office, having said that it\'s more than 1 hour when leaving.
RTF: Yes
2021-04-15 16:38amos Says:

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