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M4436 Judy(朱迪)1
M4436 Judy(朱迪)

Name 姓名 : M4436 Judy(朱迪)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 168cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36E

Weight 体重 : 55

Room 包房


Marymount 玛丽蒙


North Bridge Road 桥北路


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Characteristic Service/特色服务

皮肤白 下面无毛 三点粉


2021-10-17 00:10猛男欧巴 Says:
Birthday FR: so to celebrate my birthday, I had a foursome [em4 it was with M4440 Xue Er(雪儿), M4436 Judy(朱迪) (I was lucky enough to catch her at her previous place) and supposedly M4423 Bai He(百合), but she wasn’t around so they assigned a new girl, petite, cute, big tits, tight wet pussy.

Judy has that marvelous big ass like in the video, and our chemistry was really on, banged her like a bull, smooth clean pussy and big firm tits

雪儿 had huge tits to die for, spend most of the time suckling her tits, shoving my face in them, bigger than the video I must say, banged her first before Judy, but she ran off after seeing me bang Judy non stop when I wanted to switch back to her

Then the newbie cutie, I really wish I knew what her name was, out of the 3, the best BBBJ, big tits yet again, cute face, and new, tight, wet pussy, banged like mad again, honestly felt bad for her because I was on my second shot

Total, 450, 1hour, 2 shots, damage and negotiation must personally agree with the girls, but damn it was awesome, wished it was a bigger bed in a bigger room, but oh well, happy birthday to me

雪儿and百合,especially 百合,I will come for my you eventually
2021-10-09 11:05Donkey Says:
Yesterday had a great time with her, the watermelon is so soft and huge. A grade, personally I find that she is more pretty then the picture. As for service wise, no rush adapt to many positions BBJ was terrify very fierce. Nearly end the game.

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